Roster of International Arbitrators

The Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators, created in 1989 in collaboration with the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law of Columbia University Law School, is one of the world's leading arbitrator reference guides.

Featuring over 1,200 arbitrators, the Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators is searchable by name, nationality, language, and area of specialization. The database categorizes arbitrators using 110 areas of specialization and is built to help users easily locate and research the arbitrators they seek. Arbitrator profiles on the online Roster feature any and all books, articles, or other publications written by the arbitrator that are available on the Arbitration Law Database.

Browse through the Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators for free and gain access to the experience, background, and contact information of the world's foremost arbitrators.

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If your profile is already included in the print version of the Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators, you have the option to upgrade to an enhanced listing. Enhanced Listing Roster Profiles receive twice as many views on average compared to non enhanced profiles. 

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