How To Search

Start Your Search

Using the Search Bar:

  1. Enter your search term(s) into the search field/bar.
    (Your search term(s) can include keyword(s), title, ISBN, author, practice area, or jurisdiction.)

  2. Click the search button or press enter.

  3. Once your search results appear, from the list of results, click on a document link to display.

You may also use Boolean Connectors in the search bar:

  • QUOTATIONS: Use quotations to ensure multi-term searches are treated as concepts or phrases. For example, if you are searching using the keywords umbrella clause, use quotations (“umbrella clause”) to ensure your results contain both umbrella and clause, as a phrase. If you search for umbrella clause without quotations, the results will return documents that include either "umbrella" or "clause," or both. 

  • AND: Use AND to search for documents that contain multiple/both terms. Using AND ensures that each of the keywords appears in your search-result document(s) (at least once). The search results will be limited to documents containing the keywords connected by AND.

  • OR: Use OR to limit search results to documents containing at least one of the searched keywords.

  • NOT: Use NOT to exclude documents that contain the term listed after NOT (e.g., "icc NOT icsid" will exclude documents containing the keyword "ICSID.")

Tip: Capitalize terms used as Boolean Connectors to use as search operators.

Using Practice Area and Jurisdiction Tags and Filters:

  1. Select the "Search the Database" option in the Legal Research header menu. If you are in the Homepage, click on the magnifying glass next to the Search the Database search bar (run a "blank search").

  2. Browse the database by practice area, jurisdiction, journal, or download type by selecting links from the “filter by” options listed on this page. See below for information on Arbitration Law's download types.

  3. Once you have browsed by practice area, jurisdiction, journal, or download type, refine your search by applying the filters available in the panel along the right-hand side of the results list. In addition to the filters, this panel also offers an option to sort results by date (from newest to oldest and vice versa).  

Tip: To narrow your search by country, select the filter for the relevant region (e.g., “Europe”), allow the results to filter, and then select the country of interest (e.g., “France”). 

This narrowing method—selecting an umbrella filter and then proceeding to refine results by applying further filters—applies for practice area searches, as well.  For example, if you select “Categories of Disputes” as your initial filter, when the page refreshes, you will have the option to narrow the search even further (the options include “Investment Disputes,” “Commercial Disputes," "Maritime Disputes,” and so on).  


For accuracy, if you have a keyword or keywords in mind, enter your desired keyword(s) (using Boolean Connectors) in the search bar, run a search by pressing enter or selecting the magnifying glass, and then proceed to narrow search results using the filters available in the panel along the right-hand side of the results list. For example, if you are searching for documents relating to cases before ICSID to which Venezuela is a party, perform the following search:

  1. Search for “Venezuela” as a keyword; allow results to appear.

  2. Refine the search results using the “International Institutions and Rules” filter under “Practice Area;” allow results to appear.

  3. Narrow the search results using the “ICSID” filter under “International Institutions and Rules"/"Practice Area;" allow results to appear.

  4. Optional: Sort results by date or apply further filters.

  5. Browse results.

Download Types
  • Free: Publicly available materials hosted on Arbitration Law and accessible at no cost.
  • Premium: Exclusive, proprietary Arbitration Law materials, priced individually or included in the Premium Content accessible via an Arbitration Law subscription.  Click here to view Arbitration Law Subscription Options. 

Browsing the Bookstore

Select Bookstore in the navigation menu to browse through all of JURIS's arbitration-related publications. The books can be sorted alphabetically or by author, price, or publication date.

Looking for a specific chapter or article? Find the main publication in the Bookstore and browse its Table of Contents (available as a tab) for links to individual chapters and articles.