About the JURIS Arbitration Law Database

JURIS Arbitration Law provides immediate database access to 11 leading, exclusive arbitration journals with complete archival access and nearly 250 proprietary treatises, practice manuals, and monographs. JURIS Arbitration Law's content also includes the incomparable World Arbitration Reporter, which offers over 7,000 pages of commentary and analysis from more than 150 leading experts. JURIS Arbitration Law contains proprietary commentary and analysis, and awards and court decisions that cannot be found elsewhere. 

JURIS Arbitration Law provides a powerful search engine that enables users to search through thousands of documents. The database's documents are available in original publication form (PDF-format with publication-matching pagination), ensuring easy access and hassle-free citation.

The JURIS Arbitration Law platform covers virtually all aspects of international and domestic (United States) arbitration. It is a comprehensive database of commentary and analysis on over 100 leading institutional rules and national laws, including model submissions, precedents, and research materials on both procedural and substantive issues. The platform provides comprehensive coverage of all practical aspects of the arbitral process, as well as trial advocacy and presentation. JURIS Arbitration Law is an indispensable research and learning tool for practitioners and lawyers-in-training.

Individual users access their personal Arbitration Law Accounts using log-in credentials. Law schools, governments, or other institutions (including law firms) can arrange for IP Access, which opens up database access to all members of a subscribing group, no log-in credentials needed. With IP Access, members within a firm or institution’s IP range will automatically and simultaneously be granted access to all Subscription Content.


JURIS Arbitration Law Features:

  • Exclusive JURIS Arbitration Law Premium Content, including the World Arbitration Reporter, 11 leading arbitration journals, proprietary treatises, practice manuals, monographs, and more.
  • The JURIS Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators, featuring over 1,200 in-depth profiles of leading arbitrators, world-wide.
  • Documents available for download in PDF- and publication-format (with pagination matching original publication format for hassle-free citation and reference).
  • Powerful search engine that scans the contents of thousands of searchable documents and yields document-level hits for search terms.
  • Document extracts illustrating search result accuracy and offering context.
  • Personalized accounts with saved search and download history.
  • Usage statistics and analytics data reports.


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