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How do I join the Roster?

If you would like your profile to be considered for inclusion in the Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitratorsyou must complete a questionnaire (also available under Downloads and Links, below) and submit it to for review.  If your submission is accepted, you will be notified within ten (10) business days. 

Before completing the questionnaire, carefully examine all of the documents linked under Downloads and Links (see below). 

Downloads and Links

The Questionnaire

Sample Questionnaire

List of Standard Abbreviations

List of Specializations

What is an Enhanced Roster Profile?

On average, Enhanced Roster Profiles receive twice as many views as non-enhanced profiles. 

If you have a profile on the Arbitration Law Roster of International Arbitrators, you can enhance it by paying an annual fee of U.S. $ 295.  

With an enhanced listing you can: 

·        Receive nearly twice as many profile views as non-enhanced members, raising your international profile and exposure

·        Provide potential colleagues and clients with deeper insight into your professional philosophy through responses to a brief questionnaire

·        Reveal your full professional profile – no space limitations 

·        Help users put a face to your name by adding a photo to your profile

·        Have your profile regularly appear among the Featured Arbitrators on the Roster's much-frequented main page

·        Upload articles, papers, or copies of your CV

·        Add additional hyperlinks to your profile 

How do I enhance my Roster Profile?

The annual fee for the Roster Profile Enhancement is USD 295.  You can pay this fee using a credit card.  Please use the search bar directly below to locate your profile and pay for your Enhancement.  To make sure your Enhancement is successful, please follow these instructions closely:

  1. In the search bar below, enter your first name and wait for your full name to appear among the options in a drop-down menu (it may take a moment for your name to appear).  
  2. Once your name appears as an option, select it.  The search bar should now be populated with your name and user ID.  
  3. Click "Add to cart."  
  4. Once you select "Add to cart," the page will automatically refresh, taking you to your shopping cart.  (You can also access your cart by selecting the shopping cart icon in the page's top, right-hand corner.)  
  5. On the shopping cart page, select the "Checkout" button.  
  6. In the Checkout area, follow the instructions to complete your purchase (enter your billing information and contact details, as instructed).  
  7. After your purchase, to coordinate regarding your Enhanced Roster Profile, contact us at

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