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Newest Publications
Title Price Publication Date Author/Editors(s)
Arbitration Law and Practice in Asia
$295.00 September 2020 Loukas Mistelis, Laurence Shore
Arbitration Law and Practice in Africa
$295.00 September 2020 Loukas Mistelis, Laurence Shore
Arbitration Clauses for International Contracts - Third Edition
$125.00 September 2020 Peter J. W. Sherwin, Paul Friedland
ICDR Awards and Commentaries - Volume 2
$125.00 September 2020 Grant Hanessian, Jacob M. Kaplan
Arbitration Law and Practice in Latin America
$295.00 September 2020 Loukas Mistelis, Laurence Shore
Arbitration Law and Practice in the Middle East
$295.00 September 2020 Loukas Mistelis, Laurence Shore
Arbitration of International Intellectual Property Disputes, Second Edition
$150.00 July 2020 Thomas D. Halket
Comparison of International Arbitration Rules - Fifth Edition
$150.00 July 2020 Oliver Armas, Samaa Haridi, Gabriella Morello
Anti-Suit Injunctions in International Arbitration
$125.00 June 2020 Ilyas Golcuklu
French International Arbitration Law Reports: 2013
$168.00 June 2020 Thomas Clay, Philippe Pinsolle, Alexander G. Leventhal
Securities Arbitration: Practice and Forms, Third Edition
$150.00 June 2020 W. Reece Bader, Burton W. Wiand
Obtaining Evidence for Use in International Tribunals Under 28 U.S.C. Section 1782
$150.00 May 2020 Edward M. Mullins, Lawrence W. Newman
Arbitration Law and Practice in Central and Eastern Europe - Second Edition
$250.00 May 2020 Christoph Liebscher, Alice Fremuth-Wolf
Law and Practice of United States Arbitration - Seventh Edition
$150.00 April 2020 Thomas E. Carbonneau
Dispute Resolution in China - Second Edition
$125.00 March 2020 Michael J. Moser
Practical Guide to International Arbitration
$95.00 January 2020 Abby Cohen Smutny, Andrew de Lotbinière McDougall, Michael P. Daly
Negotiation: On and Off the Record
$55.00 January 2020 Jay E. Grenig, Rocco M. Scanza
Conflict of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration
$125.00 December 2019 Franco Ferrari, Stefan Kröll
Take the Witness: Cross-Examination in International Arbitration - Second Edition
$150.00 November 2019 Lawrence W. Newman, Timothy G. Nelson
Navigating Maritime Arbitration: The Experts Speak
$150.00 November 2019 John D. Kimball, David W. Martowski
Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law - Volume 12
$125.00 October 2019 Meriam N. Alrashid, Kabir Duggal, Miriam Harwood, Todd J. Weiler
Inherent Powers of Arbitrators
$125.00 July 2019 Franco Ferrari, Friedrich Rosenfeld
Roster of International Arbitrators - 30th Edition
$295.00 May 2019 Loukas Mistelis, Hans Smit
Construction Schedules: Analysis, Evaluation, and Interpretation of Schedules in Litigation and Dispute Resolution - Fifth Edition - 2019 Supplement
$40.00 March 2019 Michael T. Callahan, H. Murray Hohns
EU Law and International Investment Arbitration - IAI SERIES NO. 11
$125.00 September 2018 Emmanuel Gaillard, Hélène Ruiz-Fabri
Journal of Enforcement of Arbitration Awards
$195.00 September 2018 Timothy G. Nelson, Lawrence W. Newman
Boundaries of Investment Arbitration
$125.00 September 2018 José E. Alvarez
The Dark Side of Arbitration
$125.00 September 2018 Ugo Draetta
AAA Yearbook on Arbitration and the Law - 30th Edition
$150.00 August 2018 Stephen K. Huber, James E. Lawrence
Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes in the United States
$125.00 August 2018 Thomas D. Halket, David Lee Evans, Theodore J. Folkman