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What are the benefits of the Arbitration Law Full Subscription?

In addition to the public domain materials available via the Arbitration Law website, which includes arbitral awards, court decisions, BITs, rules, legislation, commentary, and analysis, subscribers unlock exclusive access to JURIS Arbitration Law Premium Content.

Subscribers are granted:

Pricing & Subscription How-To


Click here to subscribe to an annual Arbitration Law Individual Full Subscription -- $2,000.00.

Law School, Government, or other Institution

Law School, Government, or other Institution Full Subscription: $5,000.00

Law Firm Full Subscription: Single Location: $7,500.00

Law Firm Full Subscription: Unlimited Locations: $10,000.00

With IP Access enabled, an unlimited number of users can access a single Arbitration Law Full Subscription simultaneously. These users must, however, form part of a registered/subscribed law firm or institution.

To purchase a subscription for a Law School, Government or other Institution, please contact the JURIS team.

Feel free to e-mail subscriptions@arbitrationlaw.com for more details.