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American Journal of Construction Arbitration & ADR


Editors: Randall F. Hafer and Lawrence M. Prosen

Access includes: 2017 -
ISSN: 2572-0988


American Review of International Arbitration


Editors-in-Chief: George A. Bermann and Robert H. Smit

Managing Editor: Kabir A. N. Duggal

Access includes: 1990 -
ISSN: 2573-6035



American Arbitration Association

Access includes:
1965 - 2019
ISSN: 2573-606X

European International Arbitration Review


General Editor: Franco Ferrari

Access includes: 2012 -
ISSN: 2167-907X


Journal of Damages
in International Arbitration


Editors-in-Chief: James Searby, Craig Miles, and Irmgard Marboe

Access includes: 2012 -
ISSN: 2327-2333

Journal of Enforcement of Arbitration Awards


Executive Editors: Timothy Nelson and Lawrence W. Newman

Access includes: 2018 -
ISSN: 2577-3259

World Arbitration & Mediation Review


Editor-in-Chief: Manuel A. Gomez

Access includes: 1990 -
ISSN: 1934-3329

Journal of American Arbitration (JAA)


Editor: Thomas E. Carbonneau

Access includes: 2002 - 2007

ISSN: 1535-4849

Journal of Technology in International Arbitration


Editors-in-Chief: Paul H. CohenLawrence W. Newman, and Philip Ray

Access includes: 2015 - 
ISSN: 2378-2072

Stockholm Arbitration Report (SAR)


Editors-in-Chief: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Inst. and Sigvard Jarvin

Access includes: 1999 - 2004 
ISSN: 1404-1075

Stockholm International Arbitration Review (SAR)


Editors-in-Chief: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Inst. and Stephen Bond

Access includes: 2005-2009 
ISSN: 1558-271X