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Franco Ferrari,

General Editor

ISBN: 2167-907X

Last Updated:  July, 2020


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The European International Arbitration Review has a decidedly pan-Continental outlook with no emphasis on any one European jurisdiction. It has as its particular mission the provision of a forum for the expression of the rich tapestry of thought, practice, and jurisprudence that characterizes Europe. Under the direction of General Editor, Professor Franco Ferrari, the EIAR's new editorial board has taken the decision to begin publishing monothematic issues, thus allowing the audience to get an in-depth view of the status quo of a given topic. One of the EIAR's aims is to foster trans-regional dialogue. Since the EIAR's papers are not authored exclusively by European practitioners and scholars, readers will obtain a broad, international perspective on featured subjects. 

The extraordinary diversity of European arbitration, both in law and practice, provides a never-ending and rich selection of issues for practitioners to tackle. The EIAR will constantly seek to examine and reflect this diversity.

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