International Arbitration: A Historical Perspective And Practice Guide Connecting Four Emerging World Cultures: China, Mexico, Nigeria, And Saudi Arabia - Aria Vol. 17 No. 2 2006

S. Breckenridge Thomas
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56 pages
December, 2007
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 S. Breckenridge Thomas - The author teaches arbitration law and commercial law at St. Mary’s University School of Law. B.A., cum laude, St. Mary’s University 1982; J.D., St. Mary’s University
School of Law 1985. Director, Office of Academic Excellence, St. Mary’s University
School of Law; Of Counsel, Constangy, Brooks & Smith, L.L.C. I thank my family for
their support during the time I was preparing this paper. I particularly am thankful for my
husband Bryan L. Thomas, who consistently is my “Rock of Gibraltar” and personal
encourager. I give innumerable thanks to my research team: Jordan Mischel Thomas
(B.B.A. Candidate – May 2010), Stephanie Akenuwa (LL.M. Candidate – December
2007), Jack Reid (J.D. May 2007) and Dawn Norman (J.D. Candidate – May 2008) for
their untiring research and diligence. Considerable thanks to my colleagues Grace
Uzomba, Attorney at Law and Professor Mike Forrest for their comments on the draft.
Immeasurable thanks go to the editing team of Gloria Valenzuela, Guadalupe Valdez and
Alice Contreras. Finally, a version of this paper was presented at the Center for
International Legal Studies’ International Arbitration Symposium (Symposium) held in
Salzburg, Austria the summer of 2006. I am most grateful for the warm reception and
valuable comments received from the Symposium organizers and participants