Arbitration, Financial Markets And Banking Disputes - Aria Vol. 14 No. 3 2003

Stefano E. Cirielli
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42 pages
April, 2004
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 Stefano E. Cirielli - LL.M., University College, London; Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Law,

University of Florence; associate, Allen & Overy, Milan; member of the Italian Bar
Association and Solicitor of England & Wales. The author would like to thank Dr. Loukas
Mistelis and Prof. Julian D.M. Lew, both of the School of International Arbitration, Queen
Mary College, University of London, for their invaluable suggestions and comments. The
author also wishes to express all his appreciation to Prof. Guido Alpa, University of Rome
“La Sapienza,” to whom he owes a great debt of gratitude, for his enthusiastic and
continued encouragement, guidance and advice