When to Cross Examine and When to Stop - Chapter 9 -Take the Witness: Cross Examination in International Arbitration

Hilary Heilbron
Klaus Reichert
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10 pages
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PDF from "Take the Witness: Cross Examination in Internationl Arbitration"
June, 2010
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HILARY HEILBRON is a barrister and Queen’s Counsel practicing from Brick Court Chambers, London. She has extensive experience as counsel both in international arbitration and commercial litigation, including appearing as counsel in LCIA and ICC arbitrations and in the House of Lords and Privy Council and is currently involved in a leading New York Convention case before the Supreme Court.

KLAUS REICHERT is a barrister in practice principally in the field of international arbitration from Brick Court Chambers in London and commercial litigation at the Bar of Ireland. He has served as an arbitrator in excess of thirty international cases right across the spectrum of commercial and investment matters. His counsel practice encompasses a similarly wide range of cases including ICSID, ICC, ICDR matters.