Sovereign Immunity As A Barrier To The Enforcement Of Investor-State Arbitral Awards: The Re-Politicization Of International Investment Disputes - ARIA Vol. 21 No.1-4 2010

Andrea K. Bjorklund
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32 pages
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PDF from "The American Review of International Arbitration (ARIA)"
April, 2011
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Andrea K. Bjorklund is a Professor of Law & Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholar, University of California, Davis, School of Law. J.D. Yale Law School; M.A. New York University; B.A. University of Nebraska. I am grateful to Seán Duggan, Toni Henneke, Meg Kinnear, John Major & Tom Sikora, and to participants in the PCA/Houston International Arbitration Club/University of Texas Symposium: “Arbitration and National Courts: Conflict and Cooperation” (May 13-14, 2010), for helpful suggestions and comments. Any errors, of course, remain my own.