Effective Cross-Examination In Asian Arbitrations - Chapter 19 - Take the Witness: Cross Examination in International Arbitration

Michael Hwang
Colin Y. C. Ong
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22 pages
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PDF from "Take the Witness: Cross Examination in International Arbitration"
June, 2010
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MICHAEL HWANG won a scholarship to Oxford University and read law at undergraduate and post graduate levels. He taught law at the University of Sydney before commencing private practice in 1968 at Allen & Gledhill (now Singapore’s largest law firm) where he practiced for over 30 years, except for 1991 to 1992 when he served as a Judicial Commissioner (Fixed Term Judge) of the Supreme Court.

COLIN ONG is Managing Partner of Dr. Colin Ong Legal Services, Brunei. Colin is also a Chartered Arbitrator and a practicing barrister in England since 1991 and is a member of Essex Court Chambers and 3 Verulam Buildings in London. He has either been appointed as neutral national presiding arbitrator or acted as counsel in some of the largest commercial disputes in Asia and Europe.