Alternative Dispute Resolution in the MBA Curriculum: Corporate Practice, Curriculum Content, and the MBA Curriculum Reform Movement - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 68, No. 4

Robert D. Stephens
David B. Stephens
John P. Kohl
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16 pages
December, 2013
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* Robert D. Stephens is an Associate Professor of Management and Director of the MBA program at the John L. Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include graduate management curriculum and pedagogy, alternative dispute resolution in a domestic and international context, international strategic alliances, and organizational commitment in boards of directors. He holds a Ph.d. in Management from Indiana University, Bloomington.
** David B. Stephens is a Professor and Dean Emeritus at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. His research interests include alternative dispute resolution, alternative dispute resolution in the public and private sectors, labor relations curriculum and pedagogy, and organizational commitment in boards of directors. He holds a Ph.d. in Labor Relations from the University of Texas, Austin.
*** John P. Kohl is a retired Professor of Human Resource Management. He is formerly the Dean of the School of Business at California State University East Bay and also served as Dean of the School of Business at Texas A&M International University. His research interests include conflict resolution, staffing, employee development and training, and HR strategy in the hospitality industry. He holds a Ph.d. in Management from Pennsylvania State University, University Park