Sweden - Chapter III.8 - Practitioner's Handbook On International Arbitration And Mediation- 3rd Edition

Kaj I. Hobér
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54 pages
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PDF from "Practitioner's Handbook On International Arbitration And Mediation- 3rd Edition"
April, 2012
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Kaj Hober is a Partner with Mannheimer Swartling in Stockholm where he specializes in international arbitration and Eastern European law, particularly where commercial transactions are involved. He is also Professor of East European Commercial Law at Uppsala University. From 1997 to 2000 he was responsible for the Mannheimer Swartling’s Moscow office. Mr. Hober has over 20 years experience as counsel and arbitrator in over 300 international arbitrations. He is Chair of the IBA sub-committee on Investment Treaty Arbitration, Vic Chair of the board of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the International Arbitration Club (London) and a member of the ICC Institute of International Business and Law (corresponding member) and a Commissioner at the United Nations Compensation Commission in Geneva.