The Multilateral Bargaining - Section 7 - Collective Bargaining: How it Works and Why - 3rd Edition

Thomas R. Colosi
Arthur E. Berkeley
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8 pages
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PDF from "Collective Bargaining: How it Works and Why - 3rd Edition"
February, 2006
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Thomas R. Colosi is American Arbitration Association Vice President for National Affairs and a third-party neutral. He spends much of his time training advocates and neutrals about the workings of dispute resolution. He has taught as an adjunct professor for the University of Maryland Law School and at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Arthur E. Berkeley is Associate Professor at the Memphis State University’s School of Business, where he teaches alternative dispute resolution. He is involved in training programs as well as serving as an arbitrator. He served as the founding president of the Maryland Chapter of Industrial Relations Research Association.