Arbitration Clause Enforcement in Ukraine - on the Importance of Using a Model Clause - SAR 2004 - 1

Alexander Bondar
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10 pages
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1 PDF Version from "Stockholm Arbitration Reporter"
December, 2004
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 Alexander Bondar, Senior Legal Counsel, Advisory in Law and Strategy (AL&S) Kiev office. Currently

working with the matters of title recovery, food regulation and M&A transactions in
Ukraine and Russia. During 2001-2003 the author represented a multinational client in an
arbitration under the Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of
Commerce (the “SCC Rules”). During 2003, he successfully enforced the award against a
Ukrainian respondent and recovered the awarded amounts. Mr Bondar graduated from
the Stockholm University with an LLM in International Commercial Arbitration Law in
the spring of 2004.