Witness Conferencing - Chapter 19

Hilmar Raeschke-Kessler
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14 pages
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PDF from "The Leading Arbitrators' Guide to International Arbitration - 2nd Edition"
March, 2008
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Hilmar Raeschke-Kessler is a member of the exclusive bar of the German Federal Court - Bundesgerichtshof. He has acted as chairman or arbitrator in numerous international arbitrations. He also represents clients before the Bundesgerichtshof in cases related to the enforcement or setting aside of arbitral awards. He is member of the ICC-Commission on International Arbitration, Vice President of the German branch of the International Law Association and Board Member of the German Arbitration Institution - DIS. He has been member of the IBA-Working Groups on the IBA-Rules of Evidence and on the IBA Guidelines on Conflicts in International Arbitration. He is Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne.