Where Should You Litigate Your Business Dispute? In an Arbitration or through the Courts? - Chapter 22 - AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration, Third Edition

John H. Henn
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14 pages
March, 2016
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John H. Henn is an Arbitrator, and sometime ADR counsel to Foley Hoag LLP, in Boston, where he was a Partner for over thirty years. He serves on the commercial, large complex case, international and national panels of the American Arbitration Association. He also serves as an arbitrator for CRP and FINRA.  He has over forty-five years of experience in business and commercial litigation and experience as a sole arbitrator and panel chairman. He can be reached at 617-832-1130; via e-mail at jhenn@foleyhoag.com; or at http://johnhennarbitrator.com.