Visioning and Coaching Techniques in Mediation - Chapter 41 - AAA Handbook on Mediation - Third Edition

Bruce A. Blitman
Jeanne Maes
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6 pages
April, 2016
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Bruce A. Blitman is a Mediator and an Attorney with a solo practice in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court to serve as a mediator in cases referred by the Florida county, circuit civil and family courts. A mediator since 1989, Mr. Blitman is a Diplomate Member of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators and is a past President of The Academy.   He can be reached at (954) 437-3446, or via e-mail at

Jeanne Maes is Professor of Management at the Mitchell College of Business, University of South Alabama, and serves as the University’s Ombudsperson.  An experienced facilitator, consultant and executive trainer, Dr. Maes specializes in communication, conflict management, partnering, and leadership. She is a Member of the Academy of Management and the International Society for Organization Development and Change. She has also served as a Volunteer Mediator for district court in Baldwin County, AL.  She can be reached by email at