Using an Independent Monitor to Resolve Union-Organizing Disputes Outside the NLRB: The First Group Experience - Chapter 9 - AAA Handbook on Labor Arbitration & ADR, 3rd Edition

William B. Gould
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22 pages
May, 2016
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Willliam B. Gould IV is the Charles A. Beardsley Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Stanford Law School. He served as the Independent Monitor (2008-2010) for FirstGroup, the company that created the Independent Monitor Program discussed in this article. A member of the National Academy of Arbitrators since 1970, he is a former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (1994-1998) and Chairman of the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board (2014- ). Prof. Gould expresses his gratitude to Andrew J. Olejnik, a senior associate at Jenner & Block LLP’s Chicago office, who served as a special assistant to Mr. Gould (2008-2010) in his capacity as the FirstGroup Independent Monitor. Mr. Olejnik assisted in the implementation and operation of the Independent Monitor Program and contributed to the preparation of this article. Prof. Gould also thanks Ben Roxborough, Stanford Law School LL.M. 2010 and Mike Scanlon, Stanford Law School, J.D. 2010, both of whom assisted in the preparation of this article.