Trans-Border Enforcement of Non-Monetary Arbitral Awards - Chapter 20 - Performance as a Remedy: Non-Monetary Relief in International Arbitration: ASA Special Series No. 30

Peter Schlosser
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18 pages
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PDF from "ASA Special Series No. 30: Performance as a Remedy"
May, 2011
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Peter Schlosser is Professor Emeritus at the Law School of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität of Munich. He received his legal education at the Law Schools of Würzburg, Bonn and Paris. He was visiting professor at the University of Michigan Law School (1989) and at the Chuo-University, Tokyo (1990). He was Dean of the Law Schools of the Universities of Marburg (1969/71) and Munich (1986/88). For eight years he was president of the “Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung für Internationales Verfahrensrecht” (1989/97). He was member of the commissions set up by the German Ministry of Justice for preparing the law on standard contractual terms und for the modernization of the tenth book of the German Code of Civil Procedure (dealing with arbitration). He was rapporteur of the Working Group of the Council of the European Communities for Preparing the Accession of the Kingdom of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom to the “Brussels” Convention (drafting the so-called “Schlosser-Report”). He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the German Institute of Arbitration since 1981. He is the author of “Das Recht der Internationalen Privaten Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit” (2nd ed. 1989) and in “Stein/Jonas” Commentary on the German Code of Civil Procedure the commentator of the legal provisions dealing with arbitration (including the UN-Convention). He is acting as arbitrator in domestic and international matters.