Timing is Everything: When is the Best Time to Resolve a Construction Defect Case? - Chapter 1 - AAA Handbook on Construction Arbitration and ADR - Third Edition

Matthew W. Argue
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12 pages
March, 2016
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Matthew W. Argue has over 20 years of experience in complex construction disputes, mediation and arbitration. Based in San Diego, he is a Full-time Neutral focusing on construction, insurance and real estate mediation and arbitration throughout Southern California. Mr. Argue serves on the following mediation and arbitration panels: American Arbitration Association Panel of Complex Construction Mediators and Arbitrators; AMCC Panel of Construction Mediators; California State License Board Arbitrator; and as a Dispute Resolution Advisor and Dispute Resolution Board member for Caltrans. He may be reached at mattargue@onemediator.net or view his website at www.onemediator.net.