Thirty Steps To a Better Arbitration - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 59, No. 3

Judith B. Ittig
Michael J. Bayard
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4 pages
August, 2004
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Attorney Michael J. Bayard is a full-time construction arbitrator, mediator and project neutral. He chairs the AAA's Construction Advisory Subcommittee for the Los Angeles Region and teaches a graduate course in construction management at the University of Southern California, where he is an adjunct professor. He was recently named to the AAA’s National Construction Master Arbitrator Roster. Mr. Bayard may be reached toll free at (800) 652-2927 or at

Judith Ittig practices law in Washington, D.C. She is also an arbitrator and mediator, serving on the AAA’s panels for construction, commercial and international cases, as well as the large, complex case panel. She was recently named to the AAA’s National Construction Master Arbitrator Roster. Mrs. Ittig has been on the AAA’s arbitrator training faculty since 1996, and she helped develop the 2-day advanced arbitrator training course. Her e-mail address is