Taking of Evidence - Article 25 -Chamber of Arbitration of Milan Rules: A Commentary

Alberto Mazzoni
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36 pages
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PDF from "Chamber of Arbitration of Milan Rules: A Commentary"
April, 2012
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ALBERTO MAZZONI is a Graduate summa cum laude from the University of Pisa Law School in 1965 and received a Master of Comparative Law degree from the University of Chicago Law School in 1966.

His professional experiences included working with Cohen & Meyohas, Paris (1968-1970), White & Case, New York (1971-1973), Studio Legale Ardito, Rome and Milan (1974-1991), whereafter he founded the law firm Mazzoni e Associati, with offices in Milan and Rome, of which he continues to be the senior partner. After teaching business law, business law and comparative law in the Universities of Pisa, Genoa and Sassari, in 1991 he was called to the chair of Professor of Commercial Law at the Catholic University of Milan, a position that he still holds together with the teaching of International Trade Law. Among his numerous public service appointments, special mention may be made of his frequent mandates as head of the Italian Delegation at UNCITRAL sessions. Moreover, since March 2011, he serves as President of the Governing Council of UNIDROIT. He is the author of several legal essays and articles and co-director of law reviews and other legal series.