System Disorders:  Trying to Build Resolution into Managed Care Chapter 17

Christopher Honeyman
Brad Honoroff
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8 pages
April, 2005
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Brad Honoroff is a managing partner in the Mediation Group, a private firm providing mediation, training, consulting, and arbitration services in Brookline, Mass. He is a faculty member at the Graduate Programs in Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts – Boston.

Christopher Honeyman is a mediator who is president of Convenor, a dispute resolution consulting firm based in Madison, Wis. He also was director of Theory to Practice, a national project funded by the Hewlett Foundation to improve communication between conflict resolution scholars and practitioners, which is discussed in this article. He currently directs another Hewlett-funded effort, the Broad Field project, a national initiative to create better cross fertilization across a wide range of conflict resolution activity.