The Scope of Mandatory Provisions of Procedural and Substantive Law Binding upon a Court of Arbitration - Czech (& Central European) Yearbook of Arbitration - Borders of Procedural and Substantive Law in Arbitral Proceedings - 2013

Andrzej Kubas
Kamil Zawicki
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22 pages
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March, 2013
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Professor Andrzej Kubas is an attorney, a former lecturer at Jagiellonian University of Kraków and the former head of the Chair of Civil Law. He is presently the Senior Partner at the Polish law firm of KKG Kubas, Kos, Gaertner. He is an expert in civil and commercial law, international commercial arbitration and litigation. Professor Kubas has also acted as arbitrator in numerous domestic and international proceedings. Formerly, he was a member of the Legislative Council of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and vice-president of the Polish Bar Association. He is also an author of many books and articles.

Kamil Zawicki is an attorney and partner at the Polish law firm of KKG Kubas, Kos, Gaertner, heading its “German Desk”. He has broad experience in litigation and arbitration. Mr. Zawicki’s areas of interest are mainly international business commercial law and Mergers & Acquisitions. He is the author of several publications on arbitration, insurance and re-insurance law and corporate law.