Resolving Disputes Between Physicians & Nurses How to get the most from ADR in the Health Care Industry - HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM ADR IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 56, No. 2

Lisa Brannack
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12 pages
May, 2001
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The author is currently attending Portland State University where she is completing her Masters in Public Health and Social Work. Health care disputes are decidedly difficult. They often involve technical and scientific expertise and affect complex human relations and emotions. In some instances, the difference between succeeding and failing to resolve a dispute in a timely manner can mean life or death for the patient involved. It is within this context that author Lisa Brannack discusses the benefits of ADR processes, particularly mediation. Her article presents hypothetical scenarios involving patients, family members, nurses, and doctors to show how mediation and other ADR methods can be applied effectively in a medical setting. She also discusses the potential of ADR in addressing ethical issues, including this thorny question: how should family members and health care providers deal with a seriously ill patient’s desire to die?