Res Judicata - Chapter 7 - Post Award Issues: ASA Special Series No. 38

Luca G. Radicati di Brozolo
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PDF from "Post Award Issues: ASA Special Series No. 38"
December, 2011
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Luca G. RADICATI DI BROZOLO is Professor of Private International Law at the Catholic University of Milan, where he also teaches Law of International Arbitration and Transnational Commercial Law. He is also a Partner of Bonelli Erede Pappalardo, practicing in the Milan and London offices. His practice focuses on international arbitration, as counsel and arbitrator (including investment arbitration as counsel), and litigation, as well as private international law and European law and competition law, with particular emphasis on private damages litigation. Professor Radicati di Brozolo is the author of five books and over one hundred articles on different topics on arbitration, public and private international law, European Union law, antitrust law, telecommunications law, and the co-editor of the leading Italian commentary of the law of arbitration. He regularly speaks at and organizes academic and professional conferences and sits on the board of editors of several journals (including Les Cahiers de l’Arbitrage/The Paris Journal of International Arbitration, Revue de l’Arbitrage and Rivista dell’Arbitrato). He is a Member of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC; rapporteur of the Committee on International Commercial Arbitration of the International Law Association; Member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on the Interface between Arbitration and the Brussels I Regulation; Chair of the IBA Sub-Committee on the Recognition of Foreign Judgments; Member of the American Law Institute (Consultative Group on the Restatement (Third) International Commercial Arbitration).