Orders of the Arbitral Tribunal - Article 23 - Chamber of Arbitration of Milan Rules: A Commentary

Paolo Michele Patocchi
Paolo Marzolini
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16 pages
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PDF from "Chamber of Arbitration of Milan Rules: A Commentary"
April, 2012
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PAOLO MARZOLINI is a practicing Lawyer and Arbitrator; his field of specialisation is International Commercial Arbitration as well as Contract and International Law. He has been involved in several international arbitrations as counsel or arbitrator and in more than 150 arbitrations as administrative secretary to arbitral tribunals. Paolo Marzolini is a member of Lenz & Staehelin international arbitration team.

PAOLO MICHELE PATOCCHI, LL.M., is Partner and Head of the Arbitration Team at Lenz & Staehelin; he is an expert in International Commercial Arbitration as well as Contract and International law. He has served as counsel or arbitrator in international arbitrations in Switzerland (and a significant number of other West and East-European venues). He has been teaching as lecturer in law at the University of Geneva from 1989 to 2007.