The New Danish Arbitration Act - SIAR 2006-1

Joseph Lookofsky
Karsten Kristoffersen
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22 pages
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PDF from "Stockholm International Arbitration Review (SIAR)"
September, 2006
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Joseph Lookofsky, Professor of Law, University of Copenhagen. B.A., Lehigh University. J.D., New York University School of Law. Member of the New York State Bar. Cand. jur. & Dr. jur., University of Copenhagen.

Karsten Kristoffersen, Partner, Hjejle Gersted Mogensen, Copenhagen. External lecturer of International Commercial Arbitration, University of Copenhagen. Cand. jur., University of Copenhagen, LL.M., New York University School of Law. Member of the Danish Bar Association Working Group that in 2003 prepared a consultation paper (Reform af voldgiftsloven) containing an initial proposed draft of a new Danish Arbitration Act.