Marketing an Employment ADR Program - Chapter 8 - AAA Handbook on Employment Arbitration and ADR - Third Edition

Mary S. Elcano
Cynthia J. Hallberlin
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6 pages
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December, 2015
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Mary S. Elcano serves as General Counsel for the American Red Cross, the chief legal officer responsible for litigation and advice to the Red Cross corporate headquarters, chapters, and blood services regions for general corporate law, employment and labor law, ethics, ADR/mediation, federal regulatory matters, international law, estates and trusts and major Red Cross policy issues. She held successive senior management positions in Human Resources and culminated her career at the USPS as General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Human Resources in 2000. Ms. Elcano earned a B.A. from Lynchburg College and a J.D. from Catholic University.

Cynthia J. Hallberlin was formerly associated with the U.S. Postal Service as chief counsel of ADR.