Keeping Arbitration Easy, Efficient, Economical and User Friendly - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 61, No. 2

Louis L. C. Chang
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6 pages
May, 2006
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The author is a mediator, arbitrator, and lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since 1973, he has worked primarily on commercial and contract matters, construction, insurance and labor and employment disputes. Reflecting the growth of ADR, his practice has increasingly involved increased service as a mediator, arbitrator, facilitator, umpire and discovery master. Mr. Chang serves on panels of a number of ADR provider organizations, including the American Arbitration Association, Dispute Prevention & Resolution, Inc., and the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service. He also serves on the arbitration panel of the Hawaii Labor Relations Board and on the mediation panel of the federal and bankruptcy court in Hawaii. He can be reached by phone at (808) 384-2468 and by e-mail at His website is