Japan - Part A - Arbitration in Asia - 2nd Edition

Yasuhei Taniguchi
Tatsuya Nakamura
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40 pages
November, 2018
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Yasuhei Taniguchi  obtained LL.B., 1957, Kyoto University, 1963, University of California, Berkeley, J.S.D., 1964, Cornell University, was Professor of Law at Kyoto University till 1998, Teikyo University till 2000, Tokyo Keizai Univ. till 2006 and Senshu University Law School in Tokyo till 2009. He was President of Japan Arbitrators Association till 2013; Council Member of ICCA 1990-2011 (now Advisory Member); Council Member of ICC Institute of World Business Law till 2006, Member of the Appellate Body of the WTO (2000-2007, Chairman 2004-2005). He is a Fellow fo the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and served as Chairman of the Special Advisory Committee of JCCA. He is currently active as the Chairman of Investment Transactions Overseeing Committee of the Bank of Japan (since 2010) and a judge of Singapore International Commercial Court (since Jan. 2015). Mr. Taniguchi is Of Counsel to the law firm Matsuo & Kosugi in Tokyo.

Tatsuya Nakamura obtained his B.E. from the University of Osaka Prefecture in 1980, LL.B. in 1993 from Keio University in Tokyo in 1993 and LL.M. from the University of Tsukuba in 1996. He is Professor of Law  and Dean at the Faculty of Law, Kokushikan University in Tokyo.