Issues in Drafting Arbitration Clauses for Healthcare Contracts - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 67, No. 2

Michael Kosnitzky
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14 pages
May, 2012
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The author is chair of Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP’s Middle Market Practice Group, which includes the firm’s transactional healthcare practice. A former hospital chairman, practicing certified public accountant, and chair of the American Bar Association’s National Conference of Lawyers and CPAs, he currently is a member of the N.Y. Attorney General's Leadership Committee for Nonprofit Revitalization and pro bono general counsel to the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations. In addition to experience with healthcare disputes, Mr. Kosnitzky has 25 years of experience as an arbitrator of general business, M&A, and accounting-related disputes. He serves on the American Arbitration Association’s Healthcare Dispute Resolution Advisory Council and on the panel of AAA arbitrators for commercial and healthcare disputes. The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Andrew Villacast, a 2011 summer associate, in preparing this article. Mr. Kosnitzky can be reached by e-mail at