How Interest-Based Grievance Mediation Performs over the Long Term - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 59, No. 4

Stephen B. Goldberg
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7 pages
October, 2004
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Stephen Goldberg is a professor of law at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. He is a co-author (with William L. Ury and Professor Jeanne M. Brett) of Getting Disputes Resolved: Designing Systems to Cut the Costs of Conflict (Jossey-Bass, 1988; Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, 1993). He would like to acknowledge Professor Brett’s contribution to this article. She assisted and provided counsel in every phase of its development. She designed the interview schedule, advised on and conducted the data analysis, and edited many drafts. Professor Goldberg would also like to thank Melissa Cryder, who conducted the interviews and collected the data on which this article is based.