How Effective is an Apology in Resolving Workplace Bullying Disputes - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 61, No. 2

Suzy Fox
Lamont E. Stallworth
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9 pages
May, 2006
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Suzy Fox is an associate professor at the Institute of Human Resources and Employment Relations, Graduate School of Business, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois. Lamont Stallworth is a professor at the same Institute. He is also the founder and chair of the Center for Employment Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in Chicago, and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators. The authors thank the National Association of African-American Human Resources Professionals, Hispanic MBA Association, Loyola University Chicago Alumni Association, and the National Black MBA Association (Ill.), for their assistance with this study. The authors also thank Judith Bohac-Bergere of CEDR for typing the manuscript. CEDR and a Research Support Grant from Loyola University, assisted with funding for this study.