Effectiveness of Arbitral Awards, State Immunity from Execution and Autonomy of State Entities - Three Incompatible Principles - Part 2, Chapter 6 - State Entities in International Arbitration

Emmanuel Gaillard
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17 pages
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PDF from "State Entities in International Arbitration"
June, 2008
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Emmanuel Gaillard is the Chairman of the IAI, and he is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading experts on international arbitration. He has written extensively on all aspects of international arbitration law, in French and in English. He is a co-author of Fouchard Gaillard Goldman on International Arbitration, the leading and most exhaustive publication in this field. Emmanuel Gaillard teaches International Arbitration and Private International Law at the University of Paris XII. He has acted as arbitrator, counsel and expert in over 250 international arbitration proceedings and is the Chair of Shearman & Sterling’s International Arbitration practice.