Designing an Internal Organizational System for Conflict Management - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 64, No. 2

Etty Liberman
Yael Foux Levy
Peretz Segal
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13 pages
May, 2009
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Etty Liberman heads the field of research at the National Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution (NCMCR) in the Ministry of Justice, Israel. Her areas of research include programs for training mediators in small claims and labor courts, conflict management processes in organizations, community dispute resolution, and criminal restorative justice programs.

Yael Foux Levy is a lawyer at the NCMCR. She heads the field of ADR in the workplace, in organizations and in business. She has established and operated practical experience programs and the applicable professional standards for mediators in courts throughout Israel.

Peretz Segal heads the Legal Advice and Legislation Department in the Ministry of Justice. In 1988, he established the NCMCR as an independently functioning unit within the Ministry. He works to advance the use of alternatives to the legal system.

The authors would like to thank Susan Zaidel for her assistance with this article. Her comments and suggestions were insightful and greatly contributed to our thinking processes.