Calling All Arbitrators: Reclaim Control of the Arbitration Process—the Courts Let You - Chapter 19 - AAA Handbook on Arbitration Practice - Second Edition

David E. Robbins
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December, 2015
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David E. Robbins has been an AAA arbitrator for 30 years and is a partner in Kaufmann, Gildin & Robbins LLP, in New York City, where he specializes in commercial arbitration, mediation and disciplinary proceedings before regulatory authorities. Previously, he served as Special Deputy Attorney General of New York State and was Director of the Compliance, Arbitration and Disciplinary Hearings Departments of the American Stock Exchange. The author of the Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual (5th ed., 2015, Matthew Bender/Lexis/Nexis), he also writes the annual "Practice Commentary" in Article 23-A of the New York General Business Law for McKinney’s Consolidated Laws of New York. In addition, he chairs the New York State Bar Association program on securities arbitration and mediation.