Brazil’s New Mediation Law and the Impact on International Business Disputes - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 70, No. 4

Paul E. Mason
Alexandre P. Simões
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January, 2016
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Paul E. Mason is International Counsel, Arbitrator and Mediator based in Brazil and
Miami. As founder and Co-Coordinator of the International Mediation Institute
in Brazil, Mr. Mason testified before the Senate Commission
drafting the Mediation Law. He is a Mediator and Arbitrator with the ICDR as well as
other ADR institutions (including Brazilian ADR institutions) and former Legal
Director/Latin America for IT multinationals Digital Equipment, Oracle and 3Com.

Alexandre P. Simões is a Mediator, Professor and Attorney of the Law firm Ragazzo,
Simões, Spinelli, Lazzareschi e Montoro Advogados, São Paulo, Brazil.