The Arbitrator as Judge and Jury: Another Look at Statutory Law in Arbitration - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 40, No. 2

Leonard L. Scheinholtz
Philip A. Miscimarra
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13 pages
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Leonard L Scheinhoitz is the head of Reed Smith Shaw & McClay's labor law group in Pittsburgh.

Philip A. Miscimarra is an attorney in Reed Smith Shaw & McClay's labor law group and a Legal Consultant and Research Associate with the Industrial Research Unit at the University of Pennsylvar^ia's Wharton School in Philadelphia.

The authors would like to thank Hollis T. Hurd, Esq.. for his insightful suggestions in the employee benefits area. They are also grateful to Michael H. Ginsberg and Carole S. Katz for legal research and editorial assistance. This article is based on an address delivered at a workshop for arbitrators and practitioners conducted by the American Arbitration Association in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on July 20, 1984.