Appendix I: Guidance Note: Arbitration and Social Media - CCA Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration - Fourth Edition

Thomas D. Halket
Stephen P. Gilbert
Herbert H. (Hal) Gray, III
Larry D. Harris
Robert A. Holtzman
William H. Lemons
Peter L. Michaelson
Edna Sussman
Irene C. Warshauer
John H. Wilkinson
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12 pages
November, 2017
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Thomas D. Halket, Chair,

Stephen P. Gilbert,

Herbert H. (Hal) Gray, III,  Atlanta, Georgia
Larry D. Harris,

Robert A. Holtzman, Los Angeles, California

William H. Lemons,
Peter L. Michaelson,

Edna Sussman,  New York, New York

Irene C. Warshauer,  New York, New York
John H. Wilkinson,  New York, New York