Appeals of Arbitration Awards by Agreement: Why They Should be Allowed - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 58, No. 2

Richard C. Solomon
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8 pages
May, 2003
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Richard Solomon is a labor arbitrator, mediator and fact-finder in Santa Barbara, California. He serves on the rosters of the Federal and California Mediation and Conciliation Boards, and on arbitrator panels for a number of large corporations. He began a career in ADR as a part-time labor arbitrator in 1984, while teaching employment law and ADR at Southwestern University Law School. He is also a former practicing lawyer. There has been considerable debate over the issue of whether parties should be able to contract for expanded judicial review, and the courts have reached contrary conclusions on the issue. Richard Solomon, after discussing the split opinions on both sides, explains why he believes that parties should be allowed to contract for expanded review by trial courts.