Advocacy Mediation with the Government - Dispute Resolution Journal - Vol. 61, No. 4

Jeffrey M. Senger
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13 pages
October, 2006
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Jeff Senger is Senior Counsel in the Office of the Associate Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice. He oversees civil litigation and mediation matters throughout the department. He has served as a federal mediator for the U.S. District Court and as a civil, family and criminal misdemeanor mediator for the Superior Court in Washington, D.C. He has also served as an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau and the District of Columbia Bar Association. Mr. Senger teaches negotiation and mediation at Harvard Law School’s Program of Instruction for Lawyers, and serves on the Council of the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association and the Executive Committee of the CPR Institute. He has testified as an expert witness before Congress. This article is condensed from chapter 5 of Mr. Senger’s book, “Federal Dispute Resolution” (Jossey-Bass 2004). The book can be ordered through Amazon com or from this toll free number: 1-800-225-5945.