“Real Time” Prevention and Resolution of Construction Disputes: Varieties of Standing Neutral and What They Do - Chapter 45 - AAA Handbook on Construction Arbitration and ADR - Third Edition

James P. Groton
Kerry C. Lawrence
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8 pages
March, 2016
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James Groton is a retired construction lawyer who now serves as an Arbitrator, Mediator, Sanding Neutral and Dispute Systems Designer. A former President of the American College of Construction Lawyers, he is the current President of the Georgia Arbitrators’ Forum. Mr. Groton has received many awards for his construction and dispute resolution work, including the AAA’s Whitney North Seymour Sr. Arbitration Medal.   Kerry Lawrence is an Attorney in Seattle, Wash., whose practice is focused entirely on construction issues. He has served as a Project Neutral on a number of construction projects and as a past President of the North America Region for the DRB Foundation.