Towards a Transnational Procedural Public Policy - Part 2 - Chapter 3 - Towards a Uniform International Arbitration Law?

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Fernando Mantilla-Serrano
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PDF from "Towards a Uniform International Arbitration Law?"
March, 2005

Originally from: Towards a Uniform International Arbitration Law?

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The topic, "Towards a Transnational Procedural Public Policy," may appear on its face to be a narrow one, but in fact it is wide and rich. The focus I will give the subject in this article is two-fold. First, as an objective exercise, I will briefly define the scope of the topic and identify the uniform principles with regard to the public policy that currently limits or shapes international arbitral procedure.1 Then, as a prescriptive exercise, I will comment on how the international arbitration community--meaning not only the institutions but also the arbitrators and the practitioners themselves--safeguards those principles in conjunction with the ever-present goals of (i) preserving the autonomy of the parties,2 (ii) maintaining the comparative ease and efficiency of the arbitral process3 and (iii) promoting the finality and integrity of arbitral awards4--three of the principal buttresses of the international arbitration edifice.


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Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP, Paris