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Established in 1949 as an independent foundation, the Netherlands Arbitration Institute aims to promote the resolution and settlement of disputes by means of arbitration, binding advice and mediation.


The purpose of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute foundation is to promote a number of different forms of alternative dispute resolution and settlement: arbitration, binding advice and mediation. This is achieved in particular by offering the business community well-regulated proceedings of arbitration, binding advice and mediation.
The Rules drawn up and published by the NAI form the basis of these proceedings. These Rules include the texts for the desired clauses, which can be included in business contracts. By including a clause in a contract, the parties agree that in the event any disagreement arises, the arbitration, binding advice or mediation will be administered by the NAI according to a predefined procedure known to all parties.
Key Contacts: 

NAI contact addresses

Netherlands Arbitration Institute

Netherlands Arbitration Institute
NAI Secretariat
Aert van Nesstraat 25 J/K
3012 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 21075
3001 AB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31-10-281 6969
Fax: +31-10-281 6968


Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam 41197070
VAT NL-0056.27.898



The Board of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute Foundation (Stichting ‘Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut’) has the following members as at 1 January 2012:
Executive Board 

W.H. van  Baren
Attorney in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
G.W. van der  Bend
Attorney in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ms. S.  Drion
Company Law Secretary of the Confederation of Dutch Industry and Employers (VNO/NCW)

Prof. F.J.M. De  Ly
Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Dr. R. van Rooij
Chief Legal Officer of KPN N.V., the Netherlands

Managing Director
Ms. F. D. von Hombracht-Brinkman
Honorary President
prof. P. Sanders
J.W.  Bitter
Attorney in Rotterdam, the Netherlands