ADR - A Competitive Imperative for Business - Chapter 38 - AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration - 2nd Edition

Todd B. Carver
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22 pages
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PDF from "AAA Handbook on Commercial Arbitration - 2nd Edition"
September, 2010
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Todd B. Carver is the law vice president and chief legal officer for the Teradata Division of NCR Corp. He has been a senior litigation and business unit counsel for NCR, AT&T and USWEST, where he has been instrumental in developing and implementing dispute avoidance and resolution processes, and has served as an advocate in hundreds of ADR and negotiation settings. Mr. Carver is an adjunct professor of law at the University of Dayton School of Law, where he teaches courses on ADR and on negotiation. He is also an arbitrator on the roster of the American Arbitration Association and serves on the AAA's Large Complex Case Advisory Committee.